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JinkoSolar will supply a 1.1 MWh energy storage system (ESS) integrated with a 500kW PV project to a refugee camp in Kenya that will secure a more stable supply of power. 

JinkoSolar’ s air cooling energy storage system is featured of 10% higher power density compared to its peers, a pre-assembled design, and an IP65 protection rating. The company also provides liquid cooling ESS called SunGiga with 20% higher power density compared to air cooling, 20% higher lifecycles (up to 15 years), 30% less power consumption, and high-efficiency thermal management. SunGiga is a brand-new solution for applications spanning generation, grid ancillary services, regulation, and peak shaving. The device comes in a 250kWh to 2.5 MWh capacity and supports voltages ranging from 1,000 V to 1,500 V. The company’s patented thermal solution can run at high power efficiency throughout a 24-hour cycle. The system’ s energy management software will give camp administrators the ability to prioritize and schedule the delivery of power based on residents’ most critical needs. 

While refugee camps are traditionally powered by diesel generators, diesel is more expensive than renewable energy and is dangerous to transport in a volatile region. Once the system delivers sufficient energy to the camp’s households, it can then begin to tackle the clinic and school, for example, which currently rely on diesel generation.

JinkoSolar has developed and delivered a number of off-grid microgrid projects pairing solar, energy storage, and other resources in Asia, Africa.

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